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Dr. Pooja Patel

Dr. Pooja Patel is originally from the sunny state of Florida, right outside of the Panama City Beach area. Pooja attended the University of West Florida for her Bachelors degree and soon after moved to Marietta, GA, where she graduated from Life University, the world’s leader in chiropractic education. Pooja then moved to Ohio to be with her husband and to build her dream practice in Shaker Heights, OH.

Dr. Patel has always had a passion for helping people in their journey towards a healthier lifestyle and knew that was possible through providing Chiropractic care after seeing her mother benefit from being under care.  She has a strong dedication to her community and to guiding those around her to achieve better health. Dr. Patel has experienced the health benefits from removing nerve interference through specific and scientific chiropractic care, in her years of practice.  Dr. Patel has practiced in one of Ohio's largest chiropractic offices and is excited to serve the beautiful Shaker Heights community.


To create a healthy world through enabling everyone to express their full potential.  


We will accomplish our mission through:


  • Specific scientific Chiropractic adjustment, which removes nerve interference and ultimately allows a person to express life to the fullest of their ability.  


  • Education; therefore allowing people to be informed and capable of making wise, healthy decisions for their lives and the lives of their families.  


  • Providing a caring and compassionate environment which will be inviting to families of all ages.


The Team

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