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One month ago I could hardly walk without pain. I had headaches and wasn't sleeping well. After just 2 weeks I am almost pain free and sleep so much better.  Not only has Dr. Patel help me heal she had educated and continues to do so at every appointment.  - Carol G.


I love Dr. Patel! Not only is she taking care of my crazy back but also my husbands and both daughters (4 yrs and 1 year)! My girls love going to see her and they imitate what she does...couldn't ask for a better role model! It has helped me with my headaches and helped my girls with their digestion! My husband has always had low back pain and with her care and coaching he is getting to the right track of less pain each time! Thank you for caring and for teaching and not just adjusting and moving on. - Amanda D.


Not only is my neck and back better but my acid reflux is better as well!! - John S.


My back pain has decreased by so much that I'm up and actually moving around more. Proud to say I've lost 15 pounds in 3 months because of all her help! Very much recommend her to anyone and everyone who has any neck and/or back pain! - Jessica B.


Dr. Patel has changed my life. I've been seeing her for 4 months and feel 10 years younger. My back pain is gone and with her encouragement I've even lost 15 pounds. I can't say enough good things about her!!! -Diana K.


I've gone to multiple chiropractors and Dr. Patel is the best!! She can adjust and relieve any ailment. My back and neck feel incredible after every visit, she's so thorough!!! Simply a great doctor all around. Willing to help, listen and lend her professional advice regarding any discomfort/illnesses/etc. I encounter. Used to suffer from migraines regularly, but I haven't had 1 in months. -Allie O.


I had a lot of back and neck pain and now feel exponentially better than when I started going here. I also appreciate her flexibility in scheduling appointments. I am routinely rescheduling or running late and she is always accommodating.- Doug B.


I am feeling great. I am more limber and walking taller. With her encouragement I have a better handle on the stress in my life. I feel so good when I leave her office. She is my miracle worker.- Mary Ann H.


My shoulder and back problems have improved tremendously! -Jessica G.

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